Advocacy & Public Policy

Mentoring Matching Grants Increased to $500,000

We worked with legislators and our program partners and successfully advocated to increase the state’s Mentoring Matching Grants line item by 20% over the previous year, up to $500,000. With these resources, we were able to award grants to more than 30 different programs statewide. Our annual Youth Mentoring Day at the State House celebrated the Power of Relationships and helped to focus our efforts as we coordinated more than 60 meetings with legislative offices to advocate on behalf of youth-adult relationships.

Dropout Prevention and Developmental Relationships

Through support from the Hyams Foundation, MMP collaborated with other stakeholders in an effort to enhance school dropout prevention support and break the school to prison pipeline that affects many young people. We worked with legislators and testified in support of a Graduation Coach initiative to embed developmental relationships into underperforming public schools across the state.  Graduation coaches help identify students at risk of dropping out and work to surround these students with wraparound support services. MMP has been a leader with several other organizations around dropout prevention and recovery including the Youth Transitions Task Force and the MA Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. 

We were excited to honor the Hyams Foundation in 2015 as one of our Champions of Mentoring for their critical support of our advocacy efforts.